Purple Italian Silk Ties

We have put together an extensive range of mens purple silk ties from a variety of our designers. All our purple ties are hand made from 100% pure silk and fully lined.


A purple tie will help you stand out in a crowd and is a sign of confidence and style.  


With a range that includes striped purple ties, polka dot ties and also solid purple silk ties, in a variety of shades, we’re sure you’ll find the right purple tie for you.

Lilac with Discs Enrico Coveri Tie RRP: £40.00 Our Price: £31.90
Brown, Purple and Silver Striped Valentino Tie RRP: £75.99 Our Price: £63.70
Purple Valentino Tie with Blue Diagonal Stripes RRP: £75.00 Our Price: £63.70
Purple & Black Checked Harvey Miller Silk Tie RRP: £40.00 Our Price: £30.00

Lilac Grid Effect Enrico Coveri Tie RRP: £40.00 Our Price: £31.90
Purple Striped Hubert Milano Tie RRP: £45.00 Our Price: £34.50
Purple and White Dots Marc-Philippe Tie RRP: £32.99 Our Price: £23.50

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